• Uncover the truth


    RPI Associates have the experience to appreciate the sensitivities involved in asking for help.  Trusted by private, corporate and commercial clients to carry out discreet and professional investigation services around the globe in order to uncover the truth.

  • Covert Operations


    Our experienced team of surveillance operatives are deployed around the globe on sensitive private investigations and complicated business disputes.

  • Connecting people around the world

    People Search

    RPI have locate family, friends and debtors all over the world.  We have an impressive 94% success rate due to our experience, diligence and dogged determination.

  • Decisions based on facts


    Our operatives are discreet, efficient and non-judgemental. We will operate professionally and within the law to glean evidence you need to make those life-changing decisions.

  • Rural Surveillance


    Covert rural surveillance is a specialist skill that takes years of training to perfect. Our experienced ex-military reconnaissance operatives are experts in the field. 

  • It's the not knowing


    If you suspect your partner is cheating it can feel like mental torture. RPI can help stop the pain by showing you proof of your partner's movements.

  • Maintaining a loving relationship

    Child Custody

    Emotional dilemmas involving children are hard to deal with.  Every case that we take on is executed with precision, discretion, efficiency and professionalism.

  • A great little aid

    GPS Tracker

    An aid on anything from surveillance to asset protection.  Our equipment is the most up-to date on the market and reports every five seconds.

  • Trust can be abused


    In small and big businesses, trust is sometimes abused.  RPI can provide irrefutable evidence of internal theft and employee absenteeism.

  • General and Discreet


    Whatever your dilemma, whether it's a financial or personal problem, we can help.  Every job is executed with precision, discretion, efficiency and professionalism.